What Are the Disadvantages of Online Learning?

Did you know that “90% of corporations now use e-learning compared to just 4% in 1995?” Yes, in the last decades, several companies have embraced this powerful tool. However, many others believe that online training poses multiple roadblocks. Corporates believe that e learning management system can lead to a less personal, unengaging, and too flexible training schedule. Therefore, today, we shall help you by pinpointing the five perceived https://remontibudowa.com/
disadvantages of online learning. What’s more? We will also be explaining their respective solutions!

What Are the 5 Major Disadvantages of Online Learning? What Are Their Solutions

Too Self-paced: There Are No Set Deadlines

One of the significant upsides of e-learning is that it is self-paced. What does this mean? You can ask your employees to take classes at their convenience. For instance, if they want to revisit a course, they can. Again, if they’re going to rewatch a video, they can. If a learner wishes to take a break from the material, s/he has the liberty to pause and come back to it when s/he is feeling refreshed.

However, because of this inherent freedom, several L&D teams believe that eLearning can lead to zero knowledge absorption. Trainees may not have the motivation to carry on. They might complete a course just for the sake of it and see the activity as a tick box exercise rather than an essential part of the curriculum.

In a self-paced environment, an e-learning module can remain unattended for aeons. Usually, employees prefer to assimilate new skills and knowledge through active corporate training sessions accompanied by their peers.

The Solution:

Now, here is the thing. In face-to-face sessions, the schedules are so rigid that a trainer may move too fast. In certain instances, learners may not even have the time to grasp the knowledge delivered. However, in online training, employees have the freedom to decide — when to move on and when to go back to something they didn’t quite understand.

If you wish to induce more discipline, you can couple your eLearning sessions with result-oriented assessments, available in a platform like PlayAblo. Please keep track of their achievements via a solution that has an analytical da